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The Motive Behind Buying a House in Fethiye

Reasons might vary from one investor to another. One of the options is investment for personal use those who buy their own house either to move in enjoy serenity and peace that Fethiye offers or to use it as a summer or vacation house accompanied with multiple hundreds of memorable


A pretty Mediterranean resort and with culturally rich town on the beautiful Turquoise Coast of Turkey, Fethiye has not been touched by mass tourism. Among the many natural wonders are untouched, turquoise blue waters, innumerable tiny picturesque coves and islands, lush Mediterranean vegetation and a summer of blue skies with

Butterfly Valley

The Butterfly Valley near Fethiye is a hidden gem of Turkeys Turquoise Coast. Deep, steep and accessible only by boat or via the Lycian Way walking trail, which is advised against. The Valley has only been visited in the last twenty or so years before that it was reletively untouched

Babadag Mountain

Babadag (Father Mt.) is the mountain which sets off the famous scenic beauty of Oludeniz, part of the Taurus range running across southern Turkey. It is rare to find a mountain rising directly from sea level to a summit of 1969m. Hosting a large variety of flora ranging from rare


This beach resort remains one of the most photographed beaches on the Mediterranean—particularly that of its blue and wonderful shades of aquamarine and turquoise in between lagoon, a fiercely protected national nature wilderness reserve. Known as one of the most famous and highly rated tourism beaches, Ölüdeniz is an official

Calis Beach

Calis beach is one of the beaches to be preferred for sea, sand and sun. Even on the hottest days of summer, it has a refreshing breeze. It is the perfect place to watch the sunset while walking in the evening. There are many places where you can eat while