Aside from its unique geographical location at the crossroads between the east and the west. It is one of the most rapidly growing economies with reduced taxes in comparison with the west and Europe in general. Nevertheless the new and highly developed technological infrastructure in transportation, telecommunication and energy escalates Turkey to the upper level of the ladder. One more added value is the huge domestic market that Turkey endure with a population o+f almost 82 million and an increasing consumer purchasing power. Turkey offers a huge dynamic domestic market which is appealing for investors in general. 

Why Fethiye among Turkey?

Located in the south west of Turkey at the Mediterranean sea with its enormous tourism potentials, great diversity of natural resources, historical site seeing, lifestyle, cultural values, endless activities and attractions. Also with its dynamic tourism industry offers a wide selection of alternatives that satisfy the demands of different market segments including middle to high demanding travelers. In addition to the great hospitalization of Fethiye people the inexpensive cost of living in Fethiye makes it one of the most likely wanted destinations for tourism. 

One of the attractions of Fethiye is the diversification of its neighborhoods. Which varies between ancient civilizations sights, gorgeous coves, famous Oludeniz beach and its blue lagoon, the historical Kayakoy Village or the (ghost town), the surfer beach (Calis Beach), the virgin Butterfly Valley, Kabak Bay, the River of Saklikent, the ruins of Tlos, Xanthos, cave tombs and the Lycian trekking path, the classy 5 stars marina of Gocek and the famous Badag for paragliders and air games lovers all these places with the complexity and diversifications allows Fethiye to rank among the top cities of Turkey that attracts tourism. Simply, it is a destination for everyone. One more thing that differentiates Fethiye from its peer cities is its location on the map of turkey. Being part of state of Mugla and located in the middle between kas, kalkan, Antalya from one side and Dalaman, Datca, Koycegiz, Marmaris, bodrum from the other side ease the accessibility from and to Fethiye town domestically and internationally since the Dalaman airport facilitates direct international flights from various destinations around the globe. The stunning beaches and the climate that far surpasses many of Europe’s   most popular holiday destinations. The low cost of living, the low crime rates and long summers make it an attractive place to live in for various citizens from various nationalities.