Reasons might vary from one investor to another. One of the options is investment for personal use those who buy their own house either to move in enjoy serenity and peace that Fethiye offers or to use it as a summer or vacation house accompanied with multiple hundreds of memorable outings, experiences, adventures and joyful excursions. The indicator for such investors are not basically the financial motive itself, more likely it is the lifestyle. Some of them do prefer to live in a gated community complexes for better services and security reasons. Some prefer gated community but private detached, semi-detached or independent villas or town houses where security is a main trigger behind their decision but also they values their independency and privacy. Nevertheless there is a unique type of house or villas owners who would like to custom build their own dream house according to their taste and requirements. Another type is the long term investors (buy to let investors), those who buy a steadily growing in value properties throughout the years with an eye on appreciation of the real estate investment. Normally those can be divided into sub-groups, first group those who would like to be involved in managing the bookings and some of them would like even to manage the property itself basically it’s kind of retirement plan for elderly age group while it is a life dream project for youngster generation. The second group who prefer to pass this job to other active management and rental companies who are capable to manage the properties on their behalf from A to Z based on commission percentages agreements among them due to the fact that they live and conduct another businesses on different countries away from their invested in properties locations or countries, they cannot be personally involved simply the reason lies behind the opportunity cost which they are not willing to lose or let go off. Regardless of which types of investors or home buyers you are we at TUFAN PROPERTIES always have a home, house, villa, detached villa, semi-detached, facilitated complexes with communal areas communal swimming pools and amenities, custom build cottage / home with garden / private villa with endless options or any type of properties you have a vision off, to offer you that definitely will suites your taste, satisfy your needs and fulfill your demands.