Throughout the years especially the last fifteen years Turkish economy has been drastically changing to rise and shine among the top 18 countries worldwide. One of the major sectors for such growth is Real-estate investments. 

One of the best destinations for real-estate investments in turkey is by far Fethiye. Since it is one of the rare places where investing in properties is very profitable for two main reasons first one is the scarcity and limited lands with building permissions since it is a greenery preserved town. Second is the low building permissions with the permission of rising up two stories with an attic floors only. This leads investors to realize profits on two levels, first one is the capital growth since the demand is higher than the supply which leads to a yearly capital appreciation of 15 up to 20 % increase. Second since Fethiye is a highly international hub for tourism which in turn generates high seasonal rental income potentials for house owners and investors.

Fethiye is well known of leading tourism when it comes to beach lovers and nature activities seekers. Located on the Mediterranean sea with the wide choice of Marinas categorizes Fethiye as number one destination for many summer activities where on top of those activities is international sailing boats fans sports. Whereas the professionals paragliding lovers just adore practicing this sports in Fethiye since it has one of the best spots worldwide at the top of Babadağ mountain on 1800m altitude overlooking the beautiful Oludeniz beach with all the greenish neighboring surrounded islands, even makes this activity as a non-forgettable life time memorial event. 

Also in addition to the nature and the endless daily activities of various choices that anyone can enjoy from elderly to youngsters’ and even kids lies other factors that enhances the quality of service in Fethiye, like the cultural understanding, the ability of communicating in English and the hospitality of the locals, makes the journey even more joyful. Second the geographic location of Fethiye which lies on the south west of turkey in the middle between Antalya and Bodrum at a distance of just 60Km away from Dalaman International Airport makes the mobility of movement and the ease of reach another reasons to Fethiye being as a hub for tourism. 

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