This beach resort remains one of the most photographed beaches on the Mediterranean—particularly that of its blue and wonderful shades of aquamarine and turquoise in between lagoon, a fiercely protected national nature wilderness reserve.
Known as one of the most famous and highly rated tourism beaches, Ölüdeniz is an official blue flag beach.

Its Mediterranean climate invites sun-soaked travellers who enjoy warm climate and pleasant breezes from the sea on the 3 km stretch of beach.

The area is famous also for paragliding opportunities due to its unique panoramic views, and the Baba Dag Mountain’s exceptional height as the take-off point.

Visitors exploring the region will be invited to visit the more beaches such as the secluded Kidrak (Paradise) Beach, the Butterfly Valley Beach and the quiet Kabak Beach, which can both be reached by boat.

On the other hand, those visiting between June to September will be delighted with the countless varieties of butterfly species in the canyon of Butterfly Valley whose untouched nature and cliffs are accessible also by boat for more rustic accommodations and an escape from civilization.