Fethiye & Çaliş – Fethiye is bustling small town which offers you all you need. A good seafront with cafes and restaurants, a busy market place. From here it is easy to get public transport to all the beach areas. Just a short bus ride from Fethiye takes you to this breezy beach resort of Calis, or for the more active a 25 minute walk along the coast road.  Plenty of restaurants and café/bars to choose from.  In late August, early September you can also see some of the loggerhead turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. 

Kayaköy & Gemiler Bay – This beautiful village Kayakoy also known as the ‘Ghost Village’ was once a thriving community of Turkish and Greek nationals living side by side.  After the war of independence in the 1920’s the Greeks living in Kaya moved back to Greece and the Turkish living in Greece moved back to Turkey. As there were far more Ottoman Greeks than Turkish, many of the towns vacated were left unoccupied after the exchange of population. Kayaköy once a town of 2000 stone houses is now famous for its deserted houses.  Gemiler beach sits in a secluded bay and is quiet and peaceful. Gemiler Bay is rarely crowded as it requires a short car journey, a bus ride or a boat journey in order to reach it from the town of Hisaronu. The beach is overlooked by tobacco and wheat fields and forests of pine and olive trees. The beach also has a small snack bar with a terrace which is open all year, allowing visitors to paddle in the warm waters of the Aegean Sea. The beach overlooks St. Nicholas Island which has dozens of religious buildings, a rich ancient history as the site of early Christian pilgrimages over 1600 years ago and academics often claim that the original Santa Claus is buried in a tomb on the Island.

Oludeniz & Hisaronu – Olu deniz is a stunning bay, with a laid-back atmosphere, one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey.  Olu deniz’s main beach is bordered by an attractive promenade lined with small shops, cafes and restaurants making it ideal for a wonderful beach holiday. The Blue Lagoon of Olu deniz has calm, crytal clear waters which makes it ideal for a variety of water sports and a very safe place for children to swim. Part of the lagoon is now a protected area (and it`s a national park) is a beautiful inland bay that stretches behind the cape – there is a small entrance fee to enter. Hisaronu is a fantastic area for those who wish to  enjoy a good nightlife and busy lifestyle. Investing in Hisaronu will provide you with a great piece of Turkish real estate with a great potential to gain from the rental sector come summer. 

Patara Beach – Just 40 minutes’ drive from Fethiye is one of Turkey’s best beaches, boasting 22km of pure sand.  Patara is a national Park area so an entrance fee is payable but well worth it for viewing the beach along with the ancient ruins at the entrance to the beach area.  Also a spot for turtles in September. 

Tlos & Saklikent – Explore the ruins of the capital of ancient Lycia – Tlos – with its acropolis,stadium, theatre & rock tombs.Tlos was the home of the mythological winged horse Pegasus & his relief has been carved into one of the tombs.Wander through the icy  waters of Saklikent  (the Hidden Valley) to get fabulous photographs Pass through villages where life has continued unchanged for centuries. Have lunch in the idyllic setting of Yakapark where trout swim in pools under the walnut trees 

Ephesus & Pamukkale – The amazing ruins at Ephesus (including the amphitheatre which seated over 25,000 people, the Library of Celsus, the Marble road, latrines and remains of the Temple of Artemis one of the World’s Seven Wonders) are breathtaking. Pamukkale (the Cotton Castle) has calcium travertines  and these natural wonders and are quite a sight to see. You can paddle in the healing, therapeutic waters. Behind are the remains of the Roman settlement – Hieropolis which has a huge necropolis  and a well preserved amhpitheatre. There is quite alot of travelling involved but it is well worth it.

Dalyan – Dalyan is just over 1 hr 15 mins from Fethiye. A river boat waits to cruise you down the bullrush lined delta, passing the Lycian rock tombs in the hillside on the way to the famous mud baths. You can journey down river to the sandy beach of Istuzu and relax on a beach famous as a turtle breeding ground. 

Kalkan  – Picture a village nestling against the mountains, colourful bougainvillaea sprays, winding cobbled streets all leading down to a quaint harbour. Imagine intimate restaurants and colourful boutiques. In the heart of the Lycian region, there are many ancient sites of historical interest in the vicinity including Xanthos, Letoon, Patara, Pinara and Tlos. 

Kas – A beautiful harbour town with an upmarket feel, Kaş has a flavour all its own. Winding cobbled streets, hillside rock tombs, waterside cafes, restaurants tea gardens, shops and boutiques – There are 2 pebbled beaches in Kaş and the sandy bay of Kaputaş close by.. Kaş is ideally situated as there are lots of cultural and historical sites of interest nearby including the Sunken City of Kekova, and the amphitheatre west of the main square from which there are stunning views across the peninsula out to the crystal waters of the Mediterranean.

TUFAN PROPERTIES list of some of completed projects includes:

Green World Homes 21 Private Villas 
Sarnıç Villas 6 Private Villas 
Truva Villas 3 Private Villas 
Elegance Apartments41 Apartments 
Firuze Apartments12 Apartments 
Orkide Apartments 8 Apartments
Prime Apartments 6 Apartments
Golden Height Luxurious 6 Private Villas 
Ocean Beach Club 34 Apartments 
Akasya Villa 6 Private Villas
Çalış Houses 6 Private Villas
Lotus Apartments5 Apartments
Pearl Apartments6 Apartments
Calis Evleri  6 Apartments 1 Villa
Safia Villa 1 Private Villa
Aybek İş Merkezi6 Shops, 12 Apartments
Hisarlife Apartments 8 Apartments
Azelia Apartments 1/2 20 Apartments
Dolce Villas 1/2 9 Private Villas
Green World 23 Private Villas 
Green World 22 Apartments 
Gardener Villa 1 Private Villa 
Odyssey residence29 Apartments 
Pasham residence21 Apartments
Pasham residence3 Private Villas
Knight Island Villa 1 Private Villa
Dernek Binası10 Units
Diyaliz Merkezi20 Units
Likya Park98 Apartments
Hill Point Villa2 Private Villas
Taşyaka Evleri44 Apartments 
Pınara Residence34 Apartments 
Pınara Villas  6 Private Villas
Şövalye Evleri 16 Apartments
Çalış City Apartments20 Apartments
Modern Life Villas14 Private Villas
Tufan Likya Garden96 Apartments
Çalış City Apartments 214 Apartments
Hisarönü Villas  2 Private Villas
Corner Villas  3 Private Villas
Up Town Apartments3 Shops 16 Apartments 
Cunda Apartments20 Apartments
City Center20 Apartments 
Four Villas4 Private Villas
Safran Villas8 Private Villas
Begonvil Residence40 Apartments
Seydikemer Apartments  5 Apartments
Cordonn Residence20 Shops 60 Apartments
Hayat Sitesi27 Apartments
City Blue20 Apartments
Terrace Villas20 Private Villas
Seydikemer Town Houses  8 Town Houses

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