Project name: Uptown Apartments

Life in Fethiye with Up Town Apartments is Different

Are you ready to have a special living space for you in Taşyaka, one of the most special regions of Fethiye? You should experience the privileges of taking part in a great project that will make you feel comfort, quality and perfection. With Up Town Apartments developed by Tufan Properties Construction, you will be able to experience the privileges of investing more than enough.

With this project, which is considered as one of the most special projects of Tufan Properties Construction, you start to have the opportunity to achieve profitability in investment. You can start to feel the advantages of taking part in a perfect project that will respond to different needs. With this project, which is located in one of the most special points of the city, you will now be able to enjoy living in Fethiye.

A Perfect Project in Every Way: Up Town Apartments

As a person who wants to spend time in Fethiye, investing and owning property are among the best decisions you can make for yourself. As a matter of fact, the apartments and villas built in the region support not only profitability but also having a perfect living space. So, what does this project promise you?

This project, built in the Taşyaka region, manages to be impressive due to the fact that it has a total usage area of 1357 m2. The size of the apartments in the project varies between 57 m2 and 147 m2. Moreover, the apartments expect to meet the expectations of investors with options such as 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 flats.

In Up Town Apartments, where there are a total of 16 apartments, 3 stores provide great opportunities for investors. Close to the city center and only 300 meters from Fethiye University, this wonderful project is 1 km away from the shopping mall. This contributes to the emergence of great opportunities for investors.

The solutions used in the project both emphasize quality and bring great opportunities for investors to the agenda. While all of the materials used in Up Town Apartments emphasize quality, the workmanship allows the project to be used for many years. In this context, it is imperative to open the door to quality by investing in Taşyaka! Do you want to reach a special approach at an unusual point? Then you should start to benefit from the results that are in line with your expectations with Tufan Properties Construction.

The Key to Perfect Investment in Fethiye: Tufan properties Construction

Fethiye is located in the middle between Marmaris, Göcek, Dalaman, Akyaka, Datça, Kalkan and Kaş and is adjacent to many natural beauties. In this respect, it both attracts attention and allows an approach that responds to needs by bringing perfection to the forefront. Do you want to make the most ideal investment with Tufan Properties Construction? Then all you have to do is reach for quality.

Known as an interesting solution due to its proximity to the city center, Up Town Apartments allows you to discover all the beauties of the Aegean Region. In this direction, it will be possible to open the door to investments in the Taşyaka region of Fethiye for all investors who want to live in the region.

The location proximity to very special areas such as Lycian Way and Oludeniz Beach, makes investing in Up Town Apartments as a remarkable point will save you a lot. Especially if you want to be in a living space full of naturalness and quality, reaching perfection with Up Town Apartments will be an option for you.

Foreign exchange mobility is an important issue for almost everyone who wants to catch the advantages with investment opportunities in Turkey. When foreign investors want to be in Turkey, it is possible to use price privileges as well as discover the beauties of the Aegean Region. In this direction, wouldn’t you like to be in one of the most special projects of the Taşyaka region by choosing Tufan properties Construction privileges?