Project name: Pınara Residence

A Solution That Attracts Attention with Pınara Residence

Do you want to invest in one of the most interesting areas of Fethiye? With Pınara Residence, you can respond positively to your desire and you should not forget that you can feel the quality more than enough. Pınara Residence, which is a special project for needs, promises quality and perfection with the assurance of Tufan Properties Construction. All you have to do is make the final decision about the investment.

Located in one of the holiday centers of Turkey, the project manages to attract attention not only with its location but also with its architectural features. While offering a quality-oriented solution, taking part in this project, which focuses on the environment and people, turns into an advantage for all investors. You can start using Tufan Properties Construction assurance to turn a perfect opportunity into a profitable investment.

What you can expect with Pınara Residence?

Pınara Residence, one of the most remarkable projects of the Hisaronu region, makes it possible to invest in 34 different apartments. The total usage area of the project, which offers alternatives in accordance with the needs of the investors who want to take part in the project, is 3312 m2, which brings along huge solutions. In particular, the fact that there are too many parts allocated to common areas brings the advantages of social areas to the forefront.

In the project prepared with a perspective that cares about its investors, there are 3 different apartment types as 66 m2, 76 m2 and 118 m2. In addition, terraces and balconies show variable features depending on the apartment sizes. When we look at the common areas, there is a 144 m2 pool reserved for adults and a children’s pool of 20 m2.

One of the most striking aspects of the living space is that the materials used in the construction of the project are of high standards. While the meticulous selection of each material increases the quality of the project, it is also an important detail to provide control with security cameras for 24 hours. The availability of options to meet all the needs of investors makes the preference for Pınara Residence come to the forefront. Moreover, the quality of this project draws attention to privileges in many ways.

Almost every investor in the project, which is a 1-minute walk from many attraction centers due to its location, is experiencing profitability at the top. Wouldn’t you like to benefit from a very profitable investment by making your choice in this regard?

Catch Investment Opportunities in Fethiye

Fethiye is located in the middle between Marmaris, Göcek, Dalaman, Akyaka, Datça, Kalkan and Kaş and is adjacent to many natural beauties. The fact that the region is very close to many centers manages to attract the attention of investors. Do you want to evaluate this detail, which satisfies both Turkish and foreign investors, as an investment?

While Pınara Residence is considered among the projects that attract attention in order to have a quality experience, one of the most ideal aspects of the project is that it is next to Ölüdeniz, Lycian Road, Butterfly Valley, Babadağ and many other beauties. While making you feel naturalness and comfort, being close to touristic points opens the door to very privileged results for those involved in this project. Are you ready to do your part in this regard in the maximum sense?

The transformation of Turkey into an investment center day by day enables an increasing number of people to invest in the projects developed by Tufan Properties Construction. This is actually one of the main details that emphasize the quality of Pınara Residence. The investor boom seen as a result of the volatility in exchange rates also peaks with the opportunities for Turkish citizenship. In this context, the aim is to fully meet the needs of investors.

If you are going to choose Pınara Residence as an investor, you can contact us immediately. You will be able to answer all your questions about the project.