Project name: Likya Garden

Fethiye’s Heart Beats in Likya Garden!

One of the most successful projects in Fethiye that opens the doors of a perfect investment for you it is Likya Garden!

While Fethiye has been one of the most investor-attracting areas for the recent years, it is important to mention that rising projects in the region have a very big role in this regard. As Tufan Properties Construction, we attach great importance to build projects that will respond to your needs in the best way while bringing quality and perfection between your hands. Likya Garden is just one of the alternatives that adds value to the region as a perfect alternative in this regard!

Likya Garden is an exquisite project that will allow you to achieve perfection in the new favorite place of the region, Tashyaka. As well as providing solutions for different needs, it is also valuable that the project is thought through in every detail. Are you ready to make a choice for an alternative that will best meet your needs? Then take a closer look at the remarkable features of a new and favorite project!

Project that Responds to Different Needs

Want to take action with an approach aimed at achieving perfection? With Likya Garden, what you need to do for a solution that is specific to you is quite simple! Consider the options that will satisfy your needs and open the door to a quality-oriented approach. What is not in the project is where we bring perfection to you as Tufan Properties Construction.

The project, located in the heart of Tashyaka, will give you the feeling that you are in a resort village. Moreover, the fact that the project offers different alternatives such as 1 + 1, 2+1 and 3+ 1 apartments types will also make it easier for you to choose the one that suits your needs. with 96 apartments in the project, which has a total usage area of 7357 m2, it is desirable for investors to take advantage of profitable alternatives.

It will be an added value for you to take part in this project, which offers you the feeling of hotel comfort while living in your own property! It manages to be a project that complies with earthquake regulations, is architecturally flawless and is worth investing in with its children’s swimming pool, spacious garden and safety solutions. Catch perfection by taking your place in the project that will make you feel comfortable in every sense!

Likya Garden Stands Out for Its Location

Likya Garden is one of the most interesting investment projects in the region, as well as the key to realise profitability for many investors. But the most important feature that makes the project worthwhile is its location!

This project, which is located in the middle between Marmaris, Gocek, Dalaman, Akyaka, Datca, Kalkan and Kaş, is an appealing alternative for domestic and foreign investors. The Likya Garden, which stands next to such attractions as the Lycian Way, Oludeniz and Babadag, is located just 3 km from the city, where you will feel the naturalness. The fact that it is located about 8 km from Oludeniz is just one of the alternatives that makes the project special.

With Likya Garden, which makes you feel comfortable in every sense, you can start taking advantage of the privileges that achieves profit for you as an investor. You will be able to act according to your expectations in this project that is suitable for all needs from the point of view of domestic and foreign investors.

Earning for Everyone is Possible with Likya Garden Project

Fethiye’s recent presence as an interesting investment center makes investors care about the projects that are rising here. As Tufan properties Construction, we offer lucrative options to investors while completing projects with high architectural value. With the movement of the exchange rate, real estate opportunities became more attractive that investors can buy with a more suitable option, also the possibility of applying for T.C. citizenship opportunities for foreigners is a value added for investing in Fethiye. 

You should know that the real estate you are buying will not only offer comfort and quality, but also provide a return on investment and profitability in a short time. You will always be able to enjoy the privileges of taking part in an architecturally carefully designed project. Experience the quality of Tufan Properties Construction by taking your place in Likya Garden, which is contributing in the rising up value of Fethiye!