Project name: Hisar Villas

Investment Opportunities with Hisar Villas in Hisaronu

Are you looking for one of the best quality investment options in Hisaronu region? With Tufan Hisar Villas, you should take a look at the solutions that will meet your expectations. Taking part in this project with both quality workmanship and professional design understanding will provide you with an advantageous living solution.

Hisarönü is one of the most remarkable points of Fethiye and among the places where you can have a quality experience. This region, which combines nature and modern life, also manages to be the point where many projects rise. Especially for new investors, it is almost the attractive point. You can start evaluating alternatives immediately in order to take part in a special project in Hisarönü, which is the rising value of Fethiye.

Become an Investor of a Private Project with Hisar Villas

Tufan Properties Construction does not only offer profitability while putting forward the projects that attract the most investment in Fethiye. It also allows options that will affect the living experience and make you feel comfortable. In this context, one of the most special aspects of the project is to respond to the needs of investors with 2 private villas. Especially if you are an investor who wants to buy a villa, you should know that extraordinary alternatives are waiting for you in this regard.

The total interior space of 2 villas, 433 m2 and 371 m2, is very large and the total interior space for each is 191 m2. Although the interior spaces of the villas are the same, the fact that the areas of use outside are different is a special solution for most investors. As a matter of fact, the aim of this project is to respond to different needs in the best way. You should not forget that you can choose quality with approaches that are appropriate to your expectations in this regard.

The most striking aspect of these villas, which have private pools of 29 m2 and 32 m2, is that they are intertwined with nature. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the villas, whose locations are also very special, are located in one of the most valuable points of Turkey. The sensitivity shown when choosing the villa location by Tufan Properties Construction is also an opportunity for you. In this way, making your investments becomes both profitable and suitable for modern life.

Do you want to benefit from a perfect selection in this very valuable project that is 500 meters from the city center, 800 meters from the hospital and 250 meters from the shops? Then all you need to do is make a quality-oriented decision!

Profitable Investment in the heart of the city

When you choose Hisar Villas, life will be waiting for you in one of the most special points of Fethiye. Because this region attracts attention not only with its natural beauties but also with its intertwined structure. Fethiye, is located in the middle between Marmaris, Göcek, Dalaman, Akyaka, Datça, Kalkan and Kaş and is surrounded by many natural beauties. For this reason, being in Fethiye provides proximity to many other attractions.

While investing in Fethiye, which is one of the first options that come to mind when it comes to holidays, you will also have the opportunity to catch profitability. In this respect, Hisar Villas is one of the indispensable projects for those who desire a perfect life in the Aegean. Being next to the Lycian Way, Ölüdeniz, Babadağ and Butterfly Valley will provide perfection for you!

Fethiye is a center of attraction as well as the opportunities provided by Turkey in terms of investment are very special. Therefore, all you need to do is take a closer look at what privileges will await you during the investment! Apart from the fact that foreign investors gain the right to obtain citizenship of the Republic of Turkey, the prices are also quite impressive. For this reason, it should not be forgotten that investing in Turkey will be very special. Would you like to catch all the privileges with Hisar Villas?