City Center Apartments

Fethiye’s Most Ideal Living Space: City Center Apartments

Wouldn’t you like to have a private living space in Fethiye? In this project, which will bring you quality, comfort and much more, you will not only have a standard apartment. At the same time, you will have areas where you can feel more comfortable. Then reach the excitement of getting one step closer to comfort with City Center Apartments!

City Center Apartments, one of the best in the region thanks to its design and material standards, do not just offer a living space. At the same time, it is one of the alternatives where you can catch holiday opportunities right next to Ölüdeniz. You can reach the perfect life you need thanks to the apartments, which are intertwined with nature and have many functional features. City Center Apartments, which contain all the beauties of the Aegean Region, also make a dream come true.

The usage area of ​​this high quality project with Tufan Properties construction in the Fethiye region is 930. There are a total of 20 flats in blocks A and B in the project in the form of two blocks. These apartments, between 57 m2 and 145 m2, meet different expectations. Comfort, quality and necessities are very special, and environmentally friendly facilities are also worth it.

Perfect Design and Quality Life

Providing quality and usefulness while responding to the expectations of the investors, Tufan Properties construction is very meticulous in the City Center Apartments project. While the need for hot water is met with the solar panels used in this context, steel doors, heating systems, thermal insulation and many other details are just a few of the details that will bring comfort to the fore.

This project, which was completed in 2018 and responds to the expectations of the investors, is located at one of the most important points of Fethiye. At this point, although the number of investors who want to invest in the project increases, the opportunities are limited. The most important aspect of the project that makes it special is that it has a structure that will meet different needs. Especially for those who want very small or large apartments, it is possible to open the door to a quality investment with City Center Apartments.

It will be very special for you to take part in this project, thanks to its common areas and features that best meet the needs of investors. Then how about opening the door to a special solution for you without wasting time?

It’s Time to Experience Comfort in Fethiye!

Thanks to City Center Apartments built in one of the most striking areas of Fethiye, you will have the opportunity to live in a geography located in the middle between Marmaris, Göcek, Dalaman, Akyaka, Datça, Kalkan and Kaş. In addition to being at a point very close to the city center, the fact that it offers naturalness and comfort in front of your feet brings this project to the fore.

Located close to Dalaman Airport, which you will use for your arrival and departure from Fethiye, this project is a very special place to get rid of the chaos of the city and breathe. Rising in the shadow of Babadağ’s magnificence, this project offers you special experiences when you choose to buy a summer flat. Moreover, climbing Babadağ by using the new cable car turns into a completely different excitement thanks to City Center Apartments. The volatility of the exchange rate in Turkey and the emergence of advantages for foreign investors also bring opportunities for investors. Investing with Tufan Properties construction privileges, as one of the most reliable solutions in Fethiye, opens the door not only to profitability but also to reliable shopping opportunities. Do you want to be in an environment where you can enjoy the sun every day except 2 months of the year? Then you can start catching comfort with City Center Apartments.