Project Name: City Blue Apartments

Standing elegantly close to Calis Beach: City Blue

Are you ready to take your place in the new project that will be developed under the guarantee of Tufan Properties?

You will realize a profitable and advantageous experience by investing in City Blue, a unique project located very close to Fethiye Calis Beach. Unforgettable precious opportunities shaped by perfection will be demonstrated through City Blue project. Since you’re ready now, let’s take a closer look at the project details!

City Blue is a remarkable alternative in which will fascinate you with its private and public usage areas built on an area of ​​1085 m2. It includes 20 different flats with 1+1 and 2+1 options as well as having a wide usage area of ​​the project. The most important aspect of the project, which was designed with its unique architecture, is location it is only 2 km away from Calis Beach. The privileges of taking part in this perfect project, consisting of 10 1+1 and 10 2+1 duplex apartments, are within your reach. The 1+1 apartments in the City Blue project will have dimensions ranging from 51 to 56 square meters, where the 2+1 flats will be between 102 and 125 m2!

The construction works of this project will start as of August 2022, where delivery date will take place on 31 December 2023. The short time of construction delivery will be an added value for investors to be considered. It’s time to take action for an investment where you will be granted the guarantees of Tufan Properties!

Investment in the most desirable Location of Fethiye

While City Blue provides quality and perfection in every aspect, it does not only stand out with its architectural features. The quality of the project is revealed once again with the indispensable materials such as the materials used in its interior design, solar energy, underfloor heating systems and air conditioning. It is seen that the project, which makes maximum use of technology, offers the latest systems in this regard to the use of investors.

In the project, where heat and water insulation will be done meticulously, no problems are expected to be faced in this regard. It is certain that the project will offer durability in every sense, especially with the quality bricks and tiles used through construction development. If you want to fancy an environmental friendly and quality life style, City Blue is your solution. One of the most special projects in Fethiye.

A Special Option for Investment!

Taking into consideration that investing in Turkey has reached a profitable and advantageous point day by day, City Blue will be the center of attraction. You ask why? Because the location of the project will provide an extraordinary options. With its proximity to Dalaman Airport, 60 km, 6 km to the city center, 2.5 km to the hospital, 2 km to the Calis Beach and 300 meters to the market, it is possible for the project to satisfy your every need! So, are the opportunities limited to that?

The fact that the project is located in Calis Region is considered as one of the most important factors that ensures profitability. Fethiye, which hosts attractions such as Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley, Babadağ and the Lycian Way, offers natural and cultural beauties. As per the statistics the number of tourists visiting Fethiye from all over the world exceeds a million. This unique spot, which is becoming a center of tourism, has completely different features with Calis Beach. Calis Beach due to its azure waters and golden yellow sands becoming the center of attraction for sea lovers. In this respect, the beach is very special for City Blue residents.

City Blue is not only special in terms of location, it is also achieves remarkable investment opportunities in Turkey! You can experience the privileges of achieving both affordable and advantageous opportunities in purchasing real estate in Turkey. In particular, City Blue grant its investors the privilege of resident permit after their purchase is completed.  How about enjoying a quality investment with the assurance of Tufan Properties?