Tufan Properties organizes inspection trips in Fethiye area for serious customers only who are interested in real estate ownership, whether it’s a house, a villa, or a property as follows:

Tufan properties company representative will be waiting to welcome our clients upon arrival at Dalaman International Airport. 

Tufan Properties Company hosts the client for a period of two nights and three days in a luxury hotel at its own expense. 

Note: Accommodation is provided for one double room that accommodate two people. Any additional companions or attendants, the cost will be at the expense of the client.

The client will be introduced to the company’s head office where a documentary film will be shown introducing the characteristics of the area and an overview of the company’s current projects in addition to some project references.

During the presence of the customer wishing to purchase, Tufan Properties Company organizes the exploration process for Fethiye area, where a member of the marketing team, with experience and expertise, escorts the customer during the exploratory trip and provides the customer with all information regarding the distinctive places, history, nature, entertainment, restaurants and nightclubs, ….etc.

During the exploratory tour, all Tufan Properties projects are presented and being inspected, in addition to some references and completed projects, all information and characteristics related to the project of interest to the client, in addition to a detailed and accurate explanation of how to achieve the ownership of the property, the stages of the process and all costs involved.

Usually on the second day and upon conviction and the decision to purchase by the customer, the necessary contracts are concluded and signed by both parties on two copies, one for TUFAN Properties and the second for the customer.

After the client signs the contracts, the client must grant the persons authorized by TUFAN Properties a power of attorney concluded at the legal notary authorizing them to transfer the title deed from the company’s name to the client’s name, in addition to following up on the transactions of transferring the water meter, electricity meter, and special permits for housing (in short, an authorization to complete the BUYING process only, they are not allowed to SELL). The customer has the right to appoint a single attorney to complete the purchase process if he/she desires to do so.

On the third day, we fulfill the customer’s demand in case he/she wants to shop, and then we take care of the airport transportation means, making sure of arriving safely to the departure section.

Buying Process: 

The purchasing process in Turkey is an easy process and does not require a lot of paperwork and effort, In Addition Tufan Properties Company facilitates the purchase process as much as possible for our clients in order to keep our customers satisfied and comfortable.

 Any customer wishing to purchase must have a passport within the validity date only. Unless the customer wishes to obtain a personal loan from the bank then more requirements are applicable according to bank rules and regulations. 

Any client who wishes to own property in Turkey must obtain a tax number, which is granted by the Turkish state (for our clients we obtain the tax number through the company). The client do not bother to go to the official and concerned departments. After signing the agreement and agreeing on the financial terms and conditions. The client should authorize the designated persons from Tufan Properties through pursuing a legal power of attorney issued from the public notary. 

Usually, if the client is holding a non-Turkish nationality, the process of transferring the title deed takes between eight to 10 days. Since he/she is a foreigner an expertise report shall be submitted by a legal expert assigned from the government where he should inspect the said property take photos internally and externally, check the foundations for both the property itself and for the whole project to make sure it is not a forgery or fake this process takes almost 4 working days and afterwards an appointment shall be taken from title deed office to finalize the sale also this process might take between 3 to 4 working days depends on the load and capacity of transactions. 

The tax value for the title deed transfer from the company’s name to the customer’s name is 4% of the total value of the apartment/villa/real estate, which is the original tax plus 1% value added tax.

Tufan Properties serves our clients in a better way by reducing their expenses through saving the lawyer’s expenses for legal transactions (3000 US dollars as a minimum) by calculating only the cost of the notary’s expenses, connections of the water and electricity meters, housing living permits, financial stamps and other administrative expenses, which cost them the total Equivalent to 750 US dollars. If the client wishes to do so. 

In the event that the customer wishes to open a bank account in order to settle the electricity and water bills, Tufan Properties Company assists the customers in order to serve them in a better way. In this case, the customer must bring an electricity or water bill in his/her name from the country of residence in order to confirm his/her residence address with the Turkish Bank.

Payment method:

All key delivery ready properties usually is paid fully in cash payments in accordance with the agreement between the company and the client. 

The second method is installments basis directly from the customer to Tufan Properties Company without any intermediary financial institutions. Tufan Properties Company provides financial facilities for payments only for under construction projects, in the following form: 40% of the unit value is paid as a first payment, and the remaining amount is divided into monthly installments over the project’s completion life time. Upon delivery of the project, all installments shall be settled, of course, without any addition on the premium amount, interest or the like, only the agreed selling price.

For more information or inquiries, please contact us at any time.